Peruvian Cajamarca Operation


Boddington Corp is London’s and Singapore’s only Main gold company and has established itself in the global gold mining industry. Primary concessions are in worldwide and collectively hold 5.5 million ounces of gold resources. Future expansion will be achieved through further acquisitions and organic growth. Primary concessions operation are in Peru, Boddington Corp. is the principal investor of Newmont NEM; Newmont Mining Corp. is shareholder of Minera Yanacocha S.R.L, a joint venture between Newmont (51.35%), the Peruvian Buenaventura (43.65%), and the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (5%)

Welcome to the Yanacocha Operations, Peru

The Yanacocha operation is one of Peru’s largest undeveloped Gold deposits and is in the early stages of development to become a Surface Mine. This mine has the potential to be one of the bigger producers of Gold worldwide. The Yanacocha is fully operational, the mine can produce over 523,000 attributable ounces of Gold, making it a major contributor to the success. Our goal is to achieve the highest standards of operation, at the same time as meeting our production targets – something we’ll ensure by maintaining close engagement with all our stakeholders and collaborating with key organisations in the area.

The lifespan anticipated of the mine could be extended at 20 years, meaning more exciting challenges for permanent employees interested in building their career. The vision is for it to be a state-of-the-art remote site, with employees working at appropriate rotations suited to high-altitude work.

Located in the mountains 800 km northeast of Lima, between 3,500 and 4,000 meters above sea level, The mine’s concession occupies around 25,000 hectares (of which the mine site is about 5000 hectares), Yanacocha has its challenges: lower oxygen levels, requiring careful planning of the amount of time employees stay on-site, and weather conditions ranging from burning hot sun to heavy snow. Yet the overall setting is stunning and will attract people motivated by exploring new environments and working on a large-scale mine.

As well as the technical challenges of working in these conditions, we have a responsibility to work to the highest possible sustainability standards. In alignment with Boddington, sustainability principles our objectives at Yanacocha require close involvement with our host communities and other key stakeholders and, of course, the smallest possible environmental impact. We want to develop a team of committed people at Yan who are excited by the scale of the operation they’re contributing to and driven to meet the production targets the company has set. We can provide long-term employment opportunities for local as well as overseas personnel.

Getting to the site is easy. Travelling by road involves a mountain pass with several hairpin bends. It is located 48 km north of the city of Cajamarca, takes two hours to reach.

The company provides educational skills for those wishing to improve their English or Spanish. Accommodation for expatriates joining the Yanacocha team is likely to be in districts of Baños Del Inca, Cajamarca. It is a very attractive town with a rich history and very able to provide high standards of housing, as well as schooling for children.

Peru is a very easy country to access from almost anywhere in the world, with a high number of direct flights from Europe and North America, and manageable connections from Africa. Travelling from New Zealand and Australia is much more challenging because of the time differences and the significant periods of travel involved.