We have opportunities to build natural value to assets investment and profits to our  stakeholder. In this context that we operate our resources, in seeking to expand our reach and create growth opportunities by developing innovative technologies.

We use integrated thinking in our approach to strategy and attempt to achieve synergy, preserve and return value in our business through of:

  • Acquisition of assets in Mining with significant growth and consolidation potential high ore law.
  • Diversification of Mining investments in business assets.
  • Strong management teams Investment in Operations and Projects
  • Investments and consistency with the strategic development of the asset investment industries and synergy in operation of others business ore. Resting on social responsibility principles and general human values
  • Concentration of investment and management resources on creating industry leaders.

Have global corporate governance standards and advanced global production and management technologies.

Our strategy includes the following targets. We aim to:

  • Achieve a consistent return on equity of 10%
  • Improve extraction efficiencies by a further 18% by the end of 2020;
  • Increase plant and infrastructure volume capacity by 15% by the end of 2020;
  • Seek opportunities for the expansion of our business model;
  • Reduce dust emissions from tailings by 11% per annum and increase the percentage of vegetated surface area on our deposition sites by at least 50ha a year 2020;
  • Extend the reach of the employee talent pool and implement individual development plans for employees

In the longer term, we aim to:

Grow our reclamation business through technology, research and development, the acquisition of additional surface resources and using existing expertise to reclaim other minerals from discarded tailings.