The concept of equal pay for work of equal value had been established by the 1983. Equal Pay Amendment and continues in the 2010 Equality Act. This means it is also possible for men and women who are doing totally different Jobs and who are paid differently to bring a case against their employer if they feel that their job is of the same value to the organisation as the job done by the higher paid group.

The legislation is complex and most who have brought cases have been supported by their trade union or the equality and Human Rights Commission.

Criteria such as the level of qualifications required the level of effort or skill involved and the amount of responsibility and decisión making involved in each of the Jobs are factors that are likely to be taken into account.

As we discussed earlier under the equality act 2010,this problema may be overcome to some extent if the claimant can provide evidence that the would have received better pay from that employer if they were a different sex and it may now be possible for them to bring a claim on this basis.

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