Our Definition of Wellbeing

The personal wellbeing describes people´s experiences of their positive and negative emotions , satisfaction, vitality, resilience, self esteem and sense of purpose and meaning. Social well-being is made up of two components, supportive relationships and trust and belonging both of which are critical elements of overall well-being. Our Human Resource managers were concerned with employee welfare and mush of the legislation about health and safety also uses the term welfare.

We have chosen to use the term wellbeing instead of welfare as nowadays welfare has a slightly negative connotation and suggests some degree of dependency. Wellbeing clearly includes dealing with what might be regarded as welfare issues but looks at all aspects of a person wellbeing and does not focus just on the negative aspects it also has a more positive feel as the individual also has responsibility for their own wellbeing so should be working in partnership with others on this. Our employees, have a mental and physical needs for social support, safety and health, and also need to feel that they are not overwhelmed by events and can cope with life. These are all aspects of wellbeing and as a large part of our lives is spent at work it is natural to expect, our Company play a part in employees wellbeing.

Health and wellbeing

Our  employees engagement refers to engagement is in their health and wellbeing,  makes a strong connection between wellbeing and engagement practices in general. This confirm the important role of line managers showing concern for employee wellbeing. These programmes include offering regular health screenings health, fitness and lifestyle consultations, and the opportunity to attend keep-fit sessions. One of the earliest roles our Human Resources specialists included that of the welfare officer. The focus of this role was on the wellbeing of employees and it sometimes meant taking a paternalistic viewpoint for example adopting a moral stance and telling people what was best for them. More of our strategic and integrated to human resources management a theme taken up in a number of Individual wellbeing , however is still a factor which has an obvious impact on employees ability to function at high levels and add value to their organisation. Employees who cannot concéntrate at work or who may even stay away from work because of physical or psychological health problems obviously cannot contribute to their full potential, which has a negative impact on the goal of high-performance working . The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has also been focusing on ways to draw all our operations attention to the benefits to be gained from a more proactive approach. The Health, Safety executive (HSE), has been consulting and working with our operations to demonstrate the business case for improved health and safety measures and for the need to involve everyone in this.